Crystal Gonzalez

I literally had troubles passing my afqt/ASVAB for months but I decided to buckle down & learn from your videos & omg I passsedd thank you so much!! I went from 19 to 49 & I’m going to meps next Wednesday!! Joining Marine Corp

Darnell Hardy

Just wanted to say thank you for all the content and everything you do. I studied your content for about a month. I’m 26 and am now enlisted in the USMC. Took the ASVAB for the first time, and scored a 95. I’ve already shared your channel with some others who will taking the test soon. Again thank you !

Seth Robertson

I just wanted to thank you for your tutorials. I am a college graduate with two degrees, yet I made a 28 on the practice asvab at the recruiting office. After studying with these tutorials, I came out with a 92. Just goes to show how useful these vids are and how anyone can better themselves with a little effort.…


Thanks to your effort and your videos, i scored from 39 to 67, and I really am thankful for all of those videos you’ve uploaded. I also shared your videos with my recruiters so they can give it to people who struggle with ASVAB. Again, thank you!


I was a high school failure. Couple years later, scored a 68 on the practice and 80 on the PiCAT. I watched your videos before the PiCAT, specifically the math knowledge because that was my weakness (The arithmetic reasoning wasn’t too bad guys don’t be scared but DO study), I want to thank you very much for your videos because…